Khula Guaranteed Loan from Standard Bank

SMEs looking for a Financial BOOST consider applying for the Khula Guaranteed Loan from Standard Bank, Up to R3 Million provided without collateral. Apply Today!

Many small businesses do not have assets to put up as collateral for a bank loan. To assist these businesses, the government’s small business finance agency, Khula, offers them a credit guarantee scheme.

The scheme is an indemnity to us should the business fail to pay the loan. 50% to 90% of the bank loan can be indemnified under the Khula scheme. The maximum amount that can be approved under the scheme is R3 million.

To qualify for a Khula-supported loan you will need to contribute to your business and this may be as much as 10% of the amount you want to borrow. This contribution can be either cash or equipment that will be used in your intended business.

Khula Guaranteed Loan

Business Term loans are a relatively simple way of securing funds for any period up to eight years that is repayable in equal monthly installments.


  • Your Business term loan may be used for the following:
    • Purchase of fixed assets, for example, property equipment.
    • Refurbishments and alterations.
    • Acquiring a new business.
  • The loan period is not fixed but is determined by your monthly repayments, which include interest and capital.
  • The minimum loan amount is R50 000 and there is no maximum, depending on what you can afford.
  • Additional funds deposited over and above your monthly agreed repayments will be available for withdrawal subject to a minimum of R10 000 and multiples of R1 000.
  • The account can be linked to electronic channels.


If you need finance now, you can apply by visiting your nearest branch and speaking to a Business Banker. The following information is required:

Information and documents

Business plan

  • Details such as the nature of business, product offering, market environment and management skills

Financial information

  • Personal statement of assets and liabilities for all partners, members and directors
  • Cash flow forecast
  • Projected income and expenditure
  • Amount and source of the business owner’s contribution or stake in the business
  • How will the business use the finance? For example, capital expenditure or working capital
  • Sales and purchases budgets

Documents required if buying an existing business

  • Copy of deed of sale or draft deed
  • Draft or signed lease agreement for premises

Collateral Information

  • To Be provided for by Government Khula Finance Company


  • Credit bureau checks of business and partners

Additional requirements if you have an existing business that has been banking at another institution

  • Financial statements of the business
  • Three months’ bank statements
  • Facilities letter from existing bank
  • Details of collateral held by existing bankers


Telephone: 0860 109 075 / +27 11 299 4633


Khula Guaranteed Loan from Standard Bank , Moving Forward with Business!

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