SA Cash Loans

Providing up to R150,000 SA Cash Loans is number one choice for getting a Cash Loan quick and easy, confidential and simple! Contact SA Cash Loans today!

Based in South Africa, SA Cash Loans offer personal loans of between R 500 – R 150,000 and you get up to 60 months to repay your personal loan. (Qualifying with a low credit score might result in a repayment period of six months for your cash loan.)

Our branches are found in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Bloemfontein in South Africa

Don’t delay, if you are in need of cash today, contact SA Cash Loans directly.

Or apply for a personal cash loan by making use of our online personal cash loan application.

SA Cash Loan’s Services Include:

  • Easy Personal Cash Loans
  • Personal Cash Loans while Blacklisted
  • Quick Personal Cash Loans
  • Small Personal Cash Loan

Requirements for getting a Personal Cash Loan

  • Cash Loan Applicant must be younger than 65 years old, but older than 18
  • Cash Loan Applicant must be permanently employed for at least3 Months
  • Cash Loan Applicant must earn a minimum gross monthly income of R3,000
  • Cash Loan Applicant must have bank account into which the applicant’s salary is deposited electronically

How to Apply for an SA Cash Loan:

Click on the following link to complete an on-line application form:

Contact SA Cash Loans

Mobile Number: +27 72 536 3021
Address: Strand, Western Cape, South Africa

SA Cash Loans, Quick, Friendly and Confidential Personal Cash Loans made easy!


Moola Loans

Apply for ANY AMOUNT of a loan through Moola Loans and your loan will be approved in no time. SMS Moola to 44323 and we will call you back. Or Apply Online  Here TRY NOW

If we can’t help you, NO ONE CAN!

Why can we say that?

Because Moola Loans work with several blacklisted leading brokers who specialize in obtaining finance for all South Africans through various financial institutions.

What does this mean for you as client?

This means that the chances of having your blacklisted loan application accepted are much higher that if you were to approach one lender at a time.

For quick, easy and hassle free finance apply today!

All loan applications are confidential and no security is required for blacklisted unsecured personal loans.

Get cash when you need it the most!

How to Qualify

To be a South African citizen with a green bar coded ID
To have a bank account against which a debit order can be loaded.
To be earning a minimum monthly salary of R3 000 per month.

How to Apply

Apply Online on
or SMS Moola to 44323 and we will call you back
NB:Please note standard sms rates apply.

How can you be DECLINED?

Applicants that cannot afford the monthly loan instalment.
Applicants that have applied for debt counselling (debt review)
Applicants that are currently under administration or sequestration.

Moola Loans Contact details:

N1 City Mews, C/O Manus Gerber and Frans Conradie Drive

Telephone: +27 87 940 3080

Moola Loans, If we can’t help you, NO ONE CAN!

Wesbank Vehicle Finance

If you need a vehicle Wesbank Vehicle Finance can assist you to purchase by providing you with the required funding to be paid back in an agreed period of time.

Wesbank Vehicle Finance for the Blacklisted

If you happen to be blacklisted and you need Wesbank to finance you, then all you need to do is negotiate with the company or individuals who blacklisted you and get ITC to clear your name and go back to Wesbank your application will be considered.

The following are steps to apply for Wesbank Vehicle Finance.

Step 1: Pre-screening

When starting a new application, you will need to visit any of the Wesbank branches and see a consultant who will ask a few questions to verify whether you qualify or not. If you qualify he or she will provide you with an application form. The following questions have to be met for you to qualify:

1. Are you buying from a private seller?
2. Are you a South African citizen or have a valid permit to live in South Africa?
3. Is the vehicle a rebuilt or stolen/recovered (Code 3)?
4. Do you (the applicant) have a valid South African drivers licence?
5. Do you (the applicant) have a clear credit record?
6. Do you (the applicant) earn R6 000 or more per month?
7. Is the amount to be financed more than R30 000?
8. Is the vehicle older than 10 years? If all of the above questions are met with a YES, it means that you qualify for a car loan from Wesbank.

Step 2: Complete the application form

The application consists of 8 pages. During the application process you will need to provide the following information:
1. Personal information, including a valid ID or passport number
2. Contact details
3. Spouses details (if applicable)
4. Employment details
5. A summary of your monthly income and expenses
6. Home ownership details (if applicable)
7. Banking details
8. Details of the vehicle / asset you wish to purchase

Step 3: Application submission

Once you have completed all the information necessary for the application, you can submit the application for processing. This processing takes a few  hours within the wesbank branch, after which you will receive a fully vetted credit response from Wesbank. The response is in form of an email and/or SMS confirmation of your application and a reference number.

For further queries or questions, please contact:

Telephone: 0861 137 137
Fax: 0861 101 833
Hours: Weekdays 8am to 5pm Saturdays: 8am to 12pm

Wesbank Vehicle Finance, how can we help you!

FNB Online Home Loan

Apply for an FNB Online Home Loan today if you really need to own your own house. Only 13 steps available to the final move from where you are into your new home. TRY

With FNB Online Home Loan you get

  • General knowledge on your property
  • A dedicated Home Loans team
  • Property reports on your area
  • Detailed characteristics of your area

Getting Started with buying a home – Check List

Get your paperwork together. To ensure a hassle-free application, please have the following documentation ready when applying for a home loan from FNB.

Regarding a bond for first time buyers and existing home loans, the following is required:

Required documentation for all applicants:

  • Valid South African ID or passport and a copy thereof
  • A copy of your spouse’s ID or passport, if married
  • Proof of current residential address (i.e. municipal account, Telkom account or valid TV license)
  • Employer’s physical address and telephone number
  • Marriage certificate
  • Pay slip
  • Offer to Purchase
  • Required documentation for existing Home Loans

If you have an existing home loan, we will also require the following information:

Six months statements on the existing home loan if you have a home loan with another financial institution
Existing home loan account number for existing customers
The registration number of the Company, Trust, Close Corporation, if applicable

Getting Started with FNB Online Home Loan

FNB can help you in the process of buying a home with our step by step guide and friendly service.

Step One: Buying A Home

So, you’re in the market for a new home. It’s an exciting step and there is nothing like a brand new space to call your own. Before your search begins, FNB Online Home Loans would like to ensure that your journey to home ownership is a smooth one. Here are some guidelines to help you every step of the way.

Know what you want

  • Do some house hunting homework first!
  • Know what size suits your needs and give good consideration to your choice of area. Think about accessibility to work, public transport, schooling and other amenities. Remember location really matters!

Step Two: Do your sums

Know exactly how much you can afford. It’s not just the instalment you’ll be paying – you need to include insurance (homeowners, household and life) and municipal costs in your budget. Use our Monthly Repayment Calculator to see how much you’ll need on a monthly basis, to cover the bond. After that you need to add the additional costs to this figure.

Step Three: Banking on a budget

A home loan for first time buyers can be difficult to understand, so contact an FNB Online Home Loans consultant on 087 730 11 44 or visit your nearest branch You could go online to do an affordability assessment to find out exactly how much credit you can access for your new home.

Step Four: Putting down a deposit

You may need to put some of your own money on the table before you can buy a house. Depending on your financial situation, some of our home loan products allow you to qualify for larger home loans without paying a deposit.

Step Five: The Right Package

FNB has a wide range of financial products tailored to meet your individual requirements. It’s important to choose a Home Loan package that works for you.

Step Six: Plan for additional costs

Be aware of other once-off costs that you will have to pay, over and above the deposit. These include initiation and administration fees, legal costs, bond registration fees and VAT/Transfer Duty.

Step Seven: Begin the search

There are a number of factors to consider when determining the initial amount to offer on a home:

Sale price of similar houses in the neighbourhood for the past year or so will give you a good estimate of current market value. The estate agent will assist you with this information.

View our Property Barometer for advice.

Mood of the market and the neighbourhood. In a seller’s market, the houses sell fast and sellers get close to the asking price. In a slow market situation, or where the house has been in the market for a while, or when the seller needs to sell quickly, the responsibility to negotiate for a good price after the initial offer has been made lies in the buyers hands.

The general condition of the house is also an important pricing factor. Information concerning things that need to be done in or around the building must be taken into consideration when making a price offer.

Step Eight: Know what you are buying

View as many properties as possible. Make comparisons. Make a short list. Sleep over the short list. Do not guess or assume anything. Ask the seller or estate agent as many questions as you can until you are totally satisfied. Viewing the selected property several times will assist in final decision making. It is your responsibility to ensure that a prospective home will not require excessive future maintenance. You are allowed to question the reason for selling and the number of other sales taking place in the area.

Step Nine: I like it! I want it!

The decision has been made! It’s now time to think about signing an offer to purchase with the seller and to complete your home loans application. Ask for assistance on 087 730 11 44, or apply online or contact your nearest FNB branch.

Make sure you have the following documents on hand:

  • Proof of income
  • A South African bar-coded or Smart Card identification document
  • Copy of offer to purchase
  • Proof of current residential address (municipal account, Telkom account or valid TV licence).
  • Salary earners: most recent salary slip or banking statement for the last 3 month’s, a letter from your employer which will be followed by a telephone confirmation to your employer.

FNB Customers do not require a statement

Once the bank has received all the relevant documentation, the approval process begins. The bank will need to do a valuation of the property being purchased to ensure that it is of value and that the bank is willing to finance it. The home loan approval process can only be efficient if all the correct documents are provided. The estate agent will assist you in completing an Offer to Purchase. This makes the offer formal. It includes an offer price, closing date and financing information.

Step Ten: Tracking your Home Loan

Once approved, the bank instructs the bond attorney to begin registering the bond.
The seller will advise the Transferring Attorney to transfer the property. Title deeds and cancellation figures are requested from the bank currently holding the bond. A rate clearance is requested from the local authorities/municipality.

The Bond Attorney contacts the transferring attorney and advises the amount available for guarantees. They then request the draft transfer deed and guarantee requirements.
The cancellation attorney is requested to cancel the seller’s bond on receipt of a guarantee for the outstanding amount.

Once the transfer attorney has received the title deed and cancellation figures, the buyer and the seller sign the transfer documents. The buyer pays the transfers costs to the Transferring Attorney.
The Bond Attorney prepares the bond documents and the buyer signs these documents and pays the cost.
The Bond Attorney lodges the documents at the deeds office.
The deeds office receives the documentation and checks it before being registered.
This process can take about three months from the date of approval.

Step Eleven: Signing on the dotted line

Before a Home Loan is granted, your financial position and credit record will be checked. The bank will pay out the loan on the day of registration.

Once the legal documents are signed, the transfer fees paid and the seller of the property paid, the deed is done. You can congratulate yourself because you are now a proud owner of your new home!

Step Twelve: Living up to your responsibilities

Make your bond payments on time. It is vital that you do not miss a single monthly repayment, as the interest owing on the loan will increase and you’ll end up paying more than necessary. Debit orders are a good way of preventing late payments. If you have trouble making payments, inform the bank as soon as possible.

Step Thirteen: Save thousand on your Home Loan

By boosting your monthly installments, you can make huge savings on interest and pay off your Home Loan in double-quick time.

Step Fourteen: The big move!

Moving into your new home is an exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you settle in faster.

  • Change address with all relevant parties and specific authorities. You can get a ‘Change of Address’ form from the Post Office to make the necessary changes.
  • Remember to sort out your utilities (water and lights) connections.
  • Locate your nearest emergency services: closest hospital, local police station, etc and record their numbers.
  • It’s a good idea to meet your neighbors and find out about any initiatives in the area to combat crime, etc.
  • In case of an emergency, make sure you know where to find the main shutoff valve for water, the fuse box and any other important switches.
  • HOC and insurance cover will be in place from date of transfer or occupation.
  • Always plan a budget for other expenses like maintenance and repair, service costs such as security alarm, gardening services and any other home emergencies
  • Every building has a life cycle, which means your home will require major repairs at some point. Repairs must be expected and planned for. Set aside an emergency fund to deal with unexpected problems ranging from major repairs to illness and job loss.
  • Live within your budget. Prepare a monthly budget and stick to it. You should monitor your spending every month and evaluate your progress in meeting your financial goals.

Repayment Options

Stable Repayment Choice
If you have a small amount of extra money, then you can make a repayment amount that is greater than the required monthly instalment. Your debit order will be adjusted accordingly.

Advanced Repayment Choice
In this case, you have adequate money available and no matter what happens to interest rates, you opt to pay a specific additional amount every month.

Visit us for assistance with your home loan requirements.

Fixed Rate Option
Fixing your FNB Home Loan interest rate will give you the freedom to budget better regardless of interest rate increases.

How long can I fix my rate for?
12, 18, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months

Benefits of a fixed rate

Having the peace of mind of knowing exactly what your monthly bond repayment will be over a set period,
Allow more stability to budget more effectively, irrespective of future interest rate hikes, and
Protect your return on investment from interest rate increases.

Who is it best suited for?

  • You prefer regular payments with no surprises,
  • You have limited or fixed income,
  • You plan to keep the property for a period of time.

Fixed interest rate termination charges

Should you take up the fixed interest rate option and decide to terminate the agreement prior to the maturity date, you will be liable to pay a fixed interest rate early termination charge of up to three months interest or a pro rata amount where termination occurs within the three months preceding the agreement maturity date.

Example 1: Full 90 days interest
Outstanding Balance: R 500 000
Fixed Interest rate: 12% p.a. compounded monthly
Days of interest: 90 days (Maximum of 90 days or lesser thereof, if fixed rate contract is approaching maturity)
Cancellation Fee: R 14 723.45

Example 2: Pro rata 60 days interest
Outstanding Balance: R 500 000
Fixed Interest rate: 12% p.a. compounded monthly
Days of interest: 60 days
Cancellation Fee: R 9 863.01

Contact FNB Home Loans

Visit any FNB Branch for details or Tel: +27 87 730 1144

FNB Online Home Loans, how can we help you?

Capitec Bank Loan up to R230,000

Capitec Bank Loan offers you up to R230,000 CASH to be repaid in 1 – 84 months.Available immediately into your bank account after approval. Apply Now!

Capitec Bank Loan is ideal for managing your money, whether it’s everyday transacting, saving for the future or getting the credit you need. Note the following after the approval of your loan:

  • Money available immediately in your transaction/savings account after approval
  • Amount based on your credit profile and affordability
  • Fixed monthly repayments
  • Consolidate all your existing loans for easier monthly repayments

Free retrenchment and death cover.

For loans 6 months and longer, your outstanding balance will be paid in full
If you’re retrenched when the loan is less than 3 months old, 50% of your loan will be covered
We pay for this cover and the money will be paid to us to settle your outstanding debt

They also offer a monthly loan for your daily needs or emergencies, reviewed every 12 months at a branch.

  • Get up to R4 000 in minutes, any time or place
  • Transfer money to your transaction/savings account using Mobile Banking, Internet Banking or our ATMs
  • Interest and fees only charged on money transferred
  • Repayable in full each month

Requirements of Capitec Bank Loan:

  • Identification document
  • Original proof of residential address (any of the approved documents in your name with your street address)
  • Latest salary slip
  • 3-month bank statement

Individuals who are self-employed and who determine their own salary and payment date do not fall in line with our credit-granting policy.

Visit any of Capitec branches Monday to Friday (8am – 5pm) and on Saturdays (8am – 1pm). Selected branches in malls are also open on Sundays (9am – 1pm). All branches are closed on public holidays.

NB: Some of our branches are open at 8:30am on mid-month Wednesdays due to training, and that our branches in malls follow mall trading hours.

Please email us on  if you have any questions about applying for credit at Capitec Bank.

Capitec Bank Loan easy to get.

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